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Choose the experience you prefer between the different Platinum proposals to enrich your stay in Paris: we selected for you cultural and musical activity that will lead you to the treasures of this city.


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We’re happy to propose our best experience in the most beautiful city of the world! Enjoy the opportunity to visit a stunning location included with our best CULTour Plus Proposal for Opera lovers. Sala Baldini will open the doors , that are normally closed to the public, and will welcome you to live the livePainting experience. We choose the best for you! Giulano Del Sorbo will be the artist who will guide you through the world of Opera and Painting.

Giuliano Del Sorbo was born in Aylesbury (United Kingdom) in 1961. After his studies, he started travelling, particularly in South America (Argentina, Peru and Bolivia). He came back to Italy at the end of the ‘80s, where he exhibited his works in several individual and group exhibitions. He collaborated with Studio d’Ars in Milan from 1994 to 1998. His works have been presented in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Lyon, Bologna, Venice, Treviso, Rome, Pesaro, Trento, Lecce, Milan and many other Italian towns.

Before the LivePainting, Lucia Ferrati, an italian literaly critic and artistic director of the Marche regional circuit Theaters will introduce you with a thematic explanation (Theater of the 18 Century, Rossini, Verdi, Raphael). You can choose the soundtrack for your livePainting. Choose between Gugliemo Tell Ouverture, La Forza del Destino or Crucifix painted with piano live Music. Let your sight and hearing go, and enjoy this wonderful and unique experience that will move your heart!


Enjoy your Gala Dinner with Tenors, along the Tevere River not far from the Auditorium Parco della Musica, customers will enjoy a Gala Dinner with Tenors (every evening from 07:00 to 9:15 p.m.). Dinners will be delighted by famous opera arias sang by tenors.

The menu includes: hoeurs d’oeuvres 1 course risotto alla pasta, 2 course (meat) with vegetable, dessert, ¼ wine, ½ water and 1 glass of sparkling wine.

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